• Henry Thierry with i8 jersey with i8 slogan
  • Henry Thierry with i8 jersey with i8 slogan

How to ‘HUAT’ Together?

Become an i8 Affiliate!

Welcome to the exciting world of Online Casinos! Here at i8, besides partnering with the best brands and ambassadors out there, we also value our partners a lot and want to share the prosperity with you!

We have designed a new program to ensure a profitable partnership with you that ensures a win for everyone! We understand that to be the best, you have to give the best! And we assure you that you will be getting the best by being an i8 Affiliate!

We have a lot of interesting plans lined up for 2022/2023 to make it an exciting time for all and look forward to growing with you to ‘Huat’ together!

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Total Member Nett Win/Loss

Total Active Player

Commission Rate

SGD 1 and above



SGD 1 – SGD 50,000

>= 5


SGD 50,001 and above

>= 5


By Invitation (Shareholder)


Get Your Agent Link and Start Earning from 15% Commission up to 45% Now !!

《Terms & Conditions》

  1. i8 affiliates will start earning the commission based on the total active players (actively playing on i8).
  2. The monthly commission rate (%) is determined based on the Total Member Nett Win/Loss and Total Active Player; whichever requirement to be fufilled first. Affiliates will remain at the lower tier of commission rate for the following month until successfully fulfilling both requirements needed to move to the higher tier.
  3. All affiliates are subjected to promotion bonus/rebate cost incurred during member acquisition. The cost will be deducted from the revenue by the end of the month. The costs may include the following:
    Promotion Bonuses/Rebates, Transaction Fees, Royalty Fees
    Example of Commission Calculation:
    Commission = (Company Revenue – Promotion Bonus/Rebate – Transaction Fees – Royalty Fees) x Commission Rate %
  4. All members are required to undergo audit check before monthly commission is calculated.
  5. Those who participate in this program cannot participate in other i8 Agent, Affiliate, or Refer A Friend promotion at the same time.
  6. i8 retains the final right to reject or disqualify any participant that attempts to undermine the operation of the campaign by abusing the mechanism, fraud, cheating or deception.