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What is Blackjack Basic Strategies and How to win at Blackjack

What is the fundamental approach to play Blackjack games that doesn’t count cards? The basic strategy was created by computer simulations of millions of Blackjack hands in order to advise players on the statistically best actions with the greatest possible winning percentage, whether to Hit, Stand, Double your bet, Surrender, or Split.

Be a Good Blackjack Player in Betting Online Casino

The fundamental strategy should be well-known to a good Blackjack player, and it should be firmly ingrained in your thoughts. If you’re looking for information about blackjack games, check out the Live Casino Blackjack Game Introduction page.

Malaysia Gambling Tutorial: Blackjack Games Basic Strategy

The following is a chart of Blackjack basic strategy, which is based on these typical gaming regulations:

  1. Number of decks: 6 decks
  2. Permitted doubles: Double any two cards (DA2)
  3. Gambling multiples: Double after splits allowed (DAS)
  4. Soft 17: Dealers stands on soft 17 (eg. A + 6) without cards (S17)
  5. Not surrender (No Sur)

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How to Play Blackjack – Explains Blackjack Basic Strategy

The chart below explains how to make the proper adjustments depending on your hand and the dealer’s up card.

Basic rules (6-Deck, DA2, DAS, S17, No Sur)
Your hand Dealer
5-8 Any card: Stand
9 3-6: Double your bet, Others: Hit
10 2-9: Double your bet, Others: Hit
11 2-10: Double your bet, Others: Hit
12 4-6: Stand, Others: Hit
13~16 2-6: Stand, Others: Hit
17 or higher Any card: Stand
A, 2 5, 6: Double your bet, Others: Hit
A, 3 5, 6: Double your bet, Others: Hit
A, 4 4-6: Double your bet, Others: Hit
A, 5 4-6: Double your bet, Others: Hit
A, 6 3-6: Double your bet, Others: Hit
A, 7 3-6: Double your bet, 2, 7, 8: Stand, 9-A: Hit
A, 8 – A, 9 Any card: Stand
(2, 2) 2-7: Split, Others: Hit
(3, 3) 2-7: Split, Other: Hit
(4, 4) 5, 6: Split, Others: Hit
(5, 5) Any card: Don’t Split (you already have 10 points)
(6, 6) 2-6: Split, Others: Hit
(7, 7) 2-7: Split, Others: Hit
(8, 8) Any card: Always Split
(9, 9) 2-9 Split, 7: Stand, 10-A: Stand
(10, 10) Any card: Stand (you already have 20 points)
(A, A) Any card: Always Split

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