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Withdrawal Help

  • The bank account holder name and the registered i8.BET account name must be identical to ensure successful withdrawal of funds.
  • i8.BET reserves the rights to request for identity authentication documents, such as IC or passport.
  1. Submission of incorrect account information.
  2. The online banking system is under maintenance.
  • Any incorrect bank details will result in delay or failure of the withdrawal.
    *Note: Please ensure that all bank details provided are accurate.
  • Your registered bank account holder name not identical with your registered i8.BET account name.
  • Submission of invalid bank account number.
  • Submission of incorrect withdrawal amount.
  • After deposit, the betting amount must be at least or exceed x1 of the valid betting amount in order to make a withdrawal.
  1. Login to i8.BET website and click on [Profile].
  2. Under ‘Account Management(iMONEY)’, click on [Credit Withdrawal].
  3. Fill in your withdrawal amount and check that the payer’s account details are correct, then click on [Submit].
  4. Check the withdrawal status under ‘Transaction Records’ in ‘History’ page. The status will change from ‘Withdrawal Processing’ to ‘Successful Withdrawal‘ after our Customer Service Executive successfully validates the withdrawal details provided.
  5. The verification process of withdrawing may take 15-30 minutes.

*For any further enquiries, Please Contact our Customer Service Executive via ’24 Hours Live Chat’